A Parent’s Prayer

What do you pray for your child or if you don’t have a child yet what should your prayer be?

1chron 29 willing heart2a

1Chron 29:19  How many times have you stopped and read the obituaries of others who have died? They offer a glimpse into the life of their accomplishments both materially and physically. But, how many times have you read one with a prayer for those who will now take up the mantle and carry on? King David did just that so that we might have an example.

Vs 19: Make/Give/Grant my son Solomon a willing heart. David had planned, prepared and wanted to build the Temple. Now David relinquishes the crown to Solomon praying that God would give him a willing heart not just to build the Temple but a willing heart of obedience to all that God had commanded.

Is that your prayer for your child/children? They can spend their lives adding to their bank accounts but what of their spiritual accounts? David had prepared the blueprints but the most important blueprint was this:  “tell the next generation about the Lord’s praiseworthy acts.” But all the telling does little unless the heart is willing and it begins early on when we take time to teach our children and speak of these acts as you sit, walk, and all other times in between.

Take time today to read Deut 6, Psalm 78 and then pray that your child/children have a willing heart of obedience.




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