The Rewards of Faithfulness

2Kings 2  The story of Elijah’s swift departure from earth to heaven has been a favorite. There are many over the years that have painted this episode in the life of Elijah and told it and dramatized it to children in Sunday School. We need to remember that Elijah was a man just like you. Behind Elijah is God’s power, the power that comes from being a prayer warrior as the effective measure of God’s blessing.

And then there is Elisha, the man who wanted a double portion of Elijah’s power. Elisha wanted the blessing of the ministry that God has placed upon Elijah and God answered his request in a most unusual way. Perhaps you too have seen the power of another’s ministry and wished you could have that same power.  With that power comes the demands upon one’s life, the tests that will come to pass yet Elisha persevered and God blessed that request.

Is there someone anointed by God in such a powerful way you wish you could have even a thimbleful of that amazing anointing? James reminds us we don’t have because we don’t ask or ask amiss. Are you ready for God to anoint you with the blessing that Elijah had? Be ye faithful as he was always abounding in the work of the Lord. God is waiting for you to ask “Where is the Lord, The God of Elijah?” 2kings 2 aaron burden2a



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