The Spirit of Wisdom

Exodus 28 Do you feel called to ministry? Do you feel like God wants you to teach? If so, remember that ‘not many of you should become teachers …because we will be judged more strictly.”

God takes seriously those who are called to ministry. James, the bondservant of Jesus, felt this way too because as he notes: we all stumble in many ways. Therefore, God spoke to Moses about Aaron and those who would be a part of the priesthood as well as those chosen to prepare them for ministry. God filled them with the spirit of wisdom that they might fulfill their duties.

Are we asking God to fill the men/women who will preach, teach and pray with His wisdom?

Secondly, God said Aaron would carry the names of the Israelites on his shoulders as he ministered that he might remember that. Because we are now a kingdom of priests this also applies to us.

Are we holding up the names of those are in need of our prayers?

Now that we are anointed with the power of the Holy Spirit we no longer are in need of costly garments but we are

in need of holiness. Aaron’s headpiece was labeled “Holiness to the Lord” and that should be our headpiece as well.

May God bless those who are called, those who are the chosen. Pray without ceasing those who are over you that they be holy as unto the Lord.

 What is your challenge from this reading? 

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