The Fear Factor

nicole-honeywill-gen 32Genesis 32-33 The writer of Proverbs wrote: the fear of man is a snare.  [Prov 29:25]It is the tool of our archenemy. He uses it as bait to catch us from trusting God. Jacob was caught in that snare because of his past history with Esau. Having left home and burned his bridges behind him after deceiving his father Isaac into getting the family blessing, he now obediently steps out to return to Canaan. He is facing his past with fear and trepidation. How will Esau respond to his overture? Perhaps you are in a similar situation. You left home under less than admirable circumstances or something similar. Your fear factor has risen to exorbitant heights and you feel helpless and as Jacob said, unworthy to even rekindle a relationship. Take a cue from Jacob.

Jacob’s fear was so great that he divided his family and spent a night alone in prayer. He reminded God of his promises, his obedience to return, and his fear. That’s what we have to do; be honest with God and spend time in prayer. You may feel helpless against the odds before you but if you turn to God for His help and His leading He is willing to hear, to see and He cares. Jacob laid his cards on the table before God. When we are overwhelmed, anxious, fearful, perplexed be assured that He is listening. “Pray to me when you are in trouble! I will deliver you, and you will honor me!” [Ps 50:15]


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