A New Beginning

walk with God2aGenesis 1-3  Today as you surf the web or open your inbox you will be met with these words: A New Beginning, new deals to start the year and more. But, our God already gave us a new beginning and it began eons ago in eternity past when He planned and then completed His Work. Yet, although His work was completed ours lies ahead. That is why we must hunger and thirst for righteousness so we will receive the blessings of God.

Through His marvelous Word, we will be given wisdom to glean what is profitable for teaching us, reproving us, correcting us and instructing us in righteousness so that we may be dedicated to Him and be equipped for every good work.

Moses recorded the majesty of God’s creation, the birth of the man and woman and the entrance of the adversary who seeks whom he can devour. But, God also has a plan to thwart his work. He comes into our lives to redeem us through His Son and to place on us His robe of righteousness, His ring of authority and His shoes as evidence of being a part of His family. [Luke 15]

Pray that God open your eyes to see the marvelous infinite beauty He has created so we may say with the writer of Ecclesiastes: “God has made everything fit beautifully in its appropriate time,”[Ecc 3:11] that we might worship Him because of His works.


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