Are You Murmuring?

faith-is-believingExodus 13 to 15
remind us of the old western movies. First, we have the villains who wake up to their loss and ask themselves: “What in the world have we done?” Mounting their horses (ok chariots) they take off after them. Were 10 plagues not enough? Guess again. So, God sends them another taste of His power and majesty. End of story; Israel is victorious walking on dry ground and the Egyptians are defeated as the dry ground becomes quicksand.

While this is happening, what do we hear? Murmuring and grumbling to Moses as they see the approaching Egyptians. “Isn’t this what we told you in Egypt, Leave us alone?” What is wrong with these Israelites we say and yet how like them we are. Victories are momentary to reveal where we really put our trust. Fast forward to just a short three days later and we hear murmuring—again! Finding only a well of bitter water they begin to grumble: “What can we drink?”  They had seen ten plagues and vanquished enemies before their eyes and they murmur because they are thirsty! How like them we are. We fail to trust that if God could vanquish our enemy in the past he can provide sweet water in our present circumstance.

Matthew Henry writes “Miracles do not result in great faith. Great faith comes from a settled conviction that God is trustworthy.”

Beloved are you murmuring or trusting?

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