Eternity and You…

1peter 1 set apart2The angels of God were busy last night as they came to escort some of the chosen to their eternal bliss. We sorrow as Mary and Martha did. We cry tears as Jesus did for his beloved friend Lazarus. But, there is a marvelous promise awaiting the chosen as they leave this earthly abode and it is this: They were born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. They had the promise of an imperishable, incorruptible inheritance which was waiting for them when they reached heaven’s gate. While here in their earthly body they were protected not by armies but by the power of God through faith. But now they have come face to face with the risen Lord and seen him sitting upon his throne at the right hand of the Father. They were given their robes of righteousness and joined the cloud of witnesses. What a joy awaits the saints of God!

BUT…Peter reminds us that until we too are ushered by the angels of heaven to our heavenly bliss, we rejoice for we are counted worthy to suffer for his name. We may face fiery trials but it will be that power of God that will carry us through. These will prove our faith which is more precious than gold. And even though we have not yet seen him, we love him and we believe in him, and that is why we can greatly rejoice with joy that is inexpressible and full of glory.

Are you one of the sanctified saints?

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