How Well Do You Know Your A,B, C’s?

It seems that between Acts and Psalms we are being reminded daily of our need to praise God. Listen to the psalmist: 21:13 “We will sing and praise your power!” 22:3 “you sit as king receiving the praises of Israel.” And now the command is given by the earthly king  to and for the heavenly king: 22:23 “You loyal followers of the Lord, praise him!” 22:26 “Let those who seek his help praise the Lord!”

PrPsalm 21 and 22 praise dreamstimeaising the Lord is a reminder that God alone is sovereign and in control of our very being. Nothing comes across our path but what has been ordained by God and filtered through his fingertips. He desires that we stop and praise Him for what He has done and what He will do. For He is the Lord God ALMIGHTY, the BOUNTIFUL AND BLESSED Savior, He is CREATOR and we are created. He is the COURAGEOUS CHRIST who died for our sin and in doing so became our DELIVERER who is ETERNAL. He is FAITHFUL, He is GOD, He is HOLY, He is IMMUTABLE. Do you see the ABC pattern? Continue on starting with “J until you reach Z.” Let these words flow forth as you praise Him.

Stop and Praise Him for His goodness to you this day.

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