“Go and Tell—Come and See”

psalm 126 come & see2Consider this question: What has God done for you? He has restored you from captivity of the enemy. You are now, as the Paul told the Galatians, free from his dominion and his ways. You are now free to rejoice and walk in the Spirit. Listen to the psalmist: “we thought we were dreaming.” And when we experience new life through Christ and the scales of darkness have been removed, it seems just like that. We are so overcome with the blessings that have been poured out upon us that we “laughed loudly and shouted for joy.” The Lord has indeed accomplished a great work in our lives at the point of salvation and because of that we should “Go and Tell” saying “Come and See.”

It begins with prayer: “Father, there are many who are captive in sin; release them by your power. Prepare me to plants the seed of the GOOD NEWS. May I shed tears as I plant so I can shout for joy when the harvest of souls happens.”

Jesus taught the parable of the sower to show us what will transpire as we seek to share the GOOD NEWS with others. Our seed will fall upon many different soils but there will be one that will bear fruit and we will rejoice with the angels in heaven when they are released.  We will come in with a shout of joy carrying our sheaves of grain.  “Go and Tell—Come and See.”

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