“Why Me?”

james 1 why me2Trials and hard times…who wants them? But as Susie Hawkins asks “what makes you think you’re going to escape it and the rest of us have to go through it” In other words what makes you so special that you do not have to experience trials but it is fine if I have to? That is how many of us see trials…why me God? The crux of the issue is really this: Do we trust God enough to walk through a trial with Him at our side or do we vacillate day to day just because it doesn’t fit in with our schedule of the day/week/month/year?

It is when I am in this frame of mind that I turn back to James 1 and Psalm 91 and it is there I find the answer if I am really willing to look and listen. Listen first to James as he asks: Do you want to be perfect? Do you want to have your faith strong? Do you want to be complete or remain deficient? Do you want to be single minded or are you only faithful today but tomorrow you are not? What is our answer to those questions?

Secondly, If I am really ready to get God involved with me in this trial do I see myself like the ocean which recedes and returns with mixed waves? Do I really and truly want to know Him and His character? Am I only faithful when not facing a trial or faithful also in the trial? Do I truly believe Him and His words? It is then that I need to return to Psalm 91 and see what is there for me: God alone is my refuge, my shelter in this storm of life. I can but will I trust Him? He can cover me with his loving arms and wings. The enemy sends his darts and arrows but will I rest knowing that under this protection he can only send them but they will not reach me. In addition, God has placed his angelic bodyguards around me.. Are my eyes like the servant of Elisha that could not see but when Elisha prayed he saw an entire army surrounding them protecting them? How often do I not see because my eyes are on the circumstances not on Him. Open my eyes Lord to see! Not only that but when I cling to Him and let Him guide me in this trial He will set me upon that pinncacle so I can see what truly was happening and where I have come from. There is not a better view than sitting on the rock higher than I to see the valley below where the battle is raging.

Thankful to Susie: https://bible.org/seriespage/3-being-doer-word-james-1 and Peggy Joyce Ruth/Angelia Ruth Schum “Psalm 91: God’s Shield of Protection”  for their views on how to face the trials of life.

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