Seed Propagation….Seed Planters (Acts 18)

ImageThe wonder of seed propagation! Have you ever wondered where those new little trees or plants came from in your yard? We know from the study of science that our Creator has so designed our world that wind, water, feet of humans and animals become the transporting agents of seeds.  This is a perfect illustration to show us how the seed of the gospel is transported by the anointed and empowered seed planters (you and me) through various ways and means to many places. In Acts 18 we learn of Pontus, Corinth, Macedonia, Italy or Priscilla and Aquila, Crispus, Sosthenes, and Apollos. Where are these places? Who are these people? Dr. Luke introduces them to us so that we may “see” people and places in action and secondly see how God transported his gospel seed then and glean lessons on how God does it today.

 Seed drop in Corinth. The Jew Aquila, a native of Pontus [present day NW Turkey] recently came to Corinth with his wife Priscilla from Italy. Why he was in Italy is an unknown but we do learn just from vs 1 that he was a Jew and the Emperor Claudius had ordered all Jews to leave Italy. In Acts 11 we learn that there was a famine in the time of Claudius’ reign. We also learn that Aquila was a tentmaker and Paul joined his business for it was customary that all rabbis have a trade. Later in this chapter we find them busy worshiping in Ephesus and teaching a gifted young expositor named Apollos.  

Second seed drop Ephesus. When Paul left Corinth due to the jealous Jews charges, Priscilla and Aquila accompanied him. Paul did not stay in Ephesus but Priscilla and Aquila did and it was there that they met the gifted young expositor Apollos, a Hellenistic Jew from Alexandria, Egypt. Using their gifts of hospitality we learn that “they took him aside and explained the way of God to him more accurately” when they learned that he only knew of the baptism of John.  After a time, the church in Ephesus graciously commended Apollos by letter to the church in Corinth where he became an effective teacher of the scriptures.

Why is all of this so important? God works in mysterious ways using people to transport His seed of the gospel message. It was through the faithfulness of such people as Paul, Priscilla and Aquila, Silas, Timothy, and Apollos the message of salvation had come to be known through all of what is modern day Greece and Turkey. Where has God used you to transport His gospel seed? Who did God place in your path that brought the good news of the gospel to you? Do you see each stop on your life’s journey as a “seed drop” for you to share the good news? Today, may we stop and praise God for faithful seed messengers.

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