What does My Heart Say to those Who are Lost?

ImageIn our pm church service our new pastor shared his vision for the next few months ahead. One thing came across both sincerely and repeatedly: there are at least 58,000 people within a 3 mile radius of our church. Some may be saved, some are definitely unsaved, and some are open to hearing the news of the gospel message. His question back to the audience was:  Are we willing to sit idly by while hundreds are marching to hell or are we willing to step up and get involved in witnessing, serving, learning evangelism tools? Paul had the same heart and vision for his readers.

It is “God’s grace” and men’s destinies that should propel one’s heart from couch potato to active Christian. The questions that arise from Romans 9 are: Do I have great sorrow and unceasing anguish in my heart for the lost? Do I have such a heart that I would wish like Paul and Moses to release my ation to anther as my gift and spend eternity in their place in hell? , Messiah did for us. Do I see others as much a countrymen as I am or am I so prejudiced that I cling to my “race huddle.” Where is my heart? Where is your heart?


The second point is “God’s mercy” which is offered freely to all. This too should propel us into active service for the kingdom. God calls all but only those who respond to his call are descendants of Abraham because they choose to believe by faith.

Thirdly, as we said a few days ago, appearances can be deceiving. Things are not always as they appear to be for as Paul said, we see through a glass dimly but one day will see clearly God’s sovereign plan. Dr. Keith Krell writes regarding Paul’s question: Has God failed? “This is one of the greatest principles in the entire Bible. Things are not always as they appear to be. When it looks like God’s Word has failed us, we should repeat this verse with personal application. “Even though this situation has happened, it’s not as though God’s Word has failed me.” Always remember: God’s promises and plans never fail.”


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