Choosing Christ

Ezekiel 13 -1 5 Salvation

Has anyone ever asked you about your salvation? When you asked them when they chose Christ some look at you with questions. Many reply I have always been a Christian, or my grandmother, grandfather, or parent was a Christian. That is why these chapters are key to helping someone understand that there are no grandchildren believers. God reiterates over and over by using Noah, Daniel, or Job, the most righteous men of the OT, as examples. Each person must choose just as those three men did.  God spared Noah and his family. He spared Daniel and his three friends. But, He did not spare Job’s children. You cannot count on God sparing your family just because you chose Christ.

Although this is a hard concept, God has spoken and is saying: Choose ye this day whom you will serve. Joshua challenged the Israelites to do just that, and now, centuries later, that same choice is before the Israelites. Will they choose idolatry or God? History reveals that they chose the latter, and that is why they are exiled in Babylon. Ezekiel is presenting this same case to the elders, but they turn a deaf ear.

Today, whom or what will you choose?

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