The Wishy Washy King

Isaiah 37-39, Ps 76 How often do we respond like King Hezekiah? When all is going well, we celebrate and decide using our own wisdom, but when the chips are down, we seek the counsel of God. That is King H. to a “t.” When Sennacherib sent his right-hand man to taunt the Jerusalemites, Hezekiah told them not to answer him a word, and they did. He then took the letter to the Temple and laid it before the Lord. God was pleased and responded that the evil King Sennacherib would never set foot in Jerusalem. It was not too long after that God tested Hezekiah again. This time the prophet Isaiah came and told him that he better put his affairs in order because he was about to die. Hezekiah mourned and told God he was a good and faithful king, and God responded with healing and fifteen extra years. So far, so good. But, when the Babylonians sent get-well gifts, how did Hezekiah respond? He showed them all his treasures instead of seeking the counsel of God.

Just like Hezekiah, too often, we only seek the face of God when trouble is on the horizon, but when all is well, we don’t stop to ask His counsel. Our faith is wishy-washy, and  is revealed in our decision-making. Where are you today?

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