Planning Ahead

Pray and prepare

1Kings 1: The game of chess is like the story before us today. In chess, the first player with a white piece starts, alternating between white and black, and continues until only one piece is the winner.  Adonijah, thinking of himself as heir apparent, saw his opportunity to declare himself king as David lay on his deathbed. Nathan, the prophet, knew of God’s plan for Solomon and instructed Bathsheba to remind David and anoint Solomon as king.

There is a lesson here for all of us. Whether you are near the end of your life or not, we all should take time to inform those we will leave behind as to our wishes.  David knew whom God had planned to be the next king, but it seems he did not take the necessary steps to complete that simple task.

Do you have a written will that can be executed should God take you home?

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