David is like a two-sided coin

1Sam 25-27 They say there are two sides to every coin, and we would agree. Humans disdain one and favor another.  James reminds this should not be! God hates impartiality! [James 3:17] It is life as a carnal Christian and one we must beware of. On the one hand, David has the opportunity to slay his enemy, King Saul but chooses not to because he is the Lord’s anointed. On the other side of the coin is David’s impulsive decision to “teach Nabal” a lesson by killing him and the men of his household because he refused to feed them. The backdrop of this is that David’s men have cared for and protected Nabal’s shepherds, but when he sought a favor in return, Nabal adamantly refused. It was like sandpaper in the eyes of David, and he sought revenge. Enter Nabal’s wife, Abigail, who saw the bigger picture. She knew she must protect her husband, even as a scoundrel and a “fool,” along with their shepherds. Abigail’s quick thinking saved the day, and David regretted his impulsivity which Abigail reminded him of.

Fast forward, we see that because of Abigail’s decision, David’s heart was touched, and he offered protection to her upon her widowhood when God took Nabal’s life. He married Abigail. I am sure there is more to this story, but God has not chosen to divulge the particulars. Instead, God wants us to see how quickly our coin reveals the beauty of honoring one and the ugliness of seeking to harm another.

How often do I disdain one and protect another by my presumptuous sins? [Ps 19:13] Do I do as Abigail did and seek protection from someone seeking to harm me?

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