When you want closure, do this:

Psalm 7; Psalm 27; Psalm 31; Psalm 34; Psalm 52

Like many of us, David had his flaws; the most glaring was his quick defense using lies. But, to his credit, he also admitted his flaws and sought forgiveness from God. Do I recognize my flaws or seek to cover them up by blameshifting or adding more lies? The Proverbs writer reminds us that God hates a lying tongue. David lied to the priest, and in the end, an enemy of the crown was the king’s willing servant to kill the High Priest and the other 85 priests. David regretted that this happened, and perhaps he penned these psalms to remind us always to tell the truth and leave the results to God.

David pleaded with God for his protection and admitted his sin because he knew God knows the motives and heart. Ps 7:11 “God is a just judge.” Further, David’s one desire was to be in the temple where he could be in the very presence of God, but King Saul sought his destruction. [Ps 27:4] Do I trust that God will also be a just judge for me when my sin is exposed? 

How do I handle chapters like this when we read of murder and espionage by one who is God’s anointed? 

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