Do I have leaven in my life?

are we pure and holy

Leviticus 1-3 I love to make homemade bread. Over the years, I have made more yeast breads than number could count. I have seen the effect of yeast to change the dough. God told Moses if any were to bring a grain offering, it was not to have any leaven. In that day, honey and yeast were the leavening agents because they caused fermentation. Both are an illustration of sin. You can’t see the leavening agent, just like you can’t see sin, but you do see the effects of it. Leaven causes the dough to rise and change form, and sin changes me inwardly and sometimes outwardly. Is there any leaven in my/our life when I offer myself to God?

Then also, God gave instructions to Moses about the sin offerings. He required that they be pure and set apart. They were to have no blemish of any kind. Am I set apart when I present myself to God? Am I/are you without blemish, pure and holy without sin? As the sin offerings were burned on the altar, they produced a sweet aroma. Am I/are you a sweet aroma to God?

Such practical lessons! 

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