Encountering God in the Wilderness

Are you fearful and if so of what?

Exodus 1-3 Moses shares his journey from unbelief to belief through the chronicles of those who knew him best. One particular trait stands out: The fear of man is a snare, but he who trusts in the Lord will be exalted.” [Prov 29:25]

Now a new Pharaoh arose, and his racial bias surfaced. He was fearful of the increasing number of Israelites. Instead of thanking God for them, he shrewdly plans to destroy the next generation but keep this generation for his own purposes. Hitler, Stalin, and others like him tried the same tactic, but ultimately they all failed because of this truth: “For the LORD of hosts has planned, and who can frustrate it?” [Is 14:27] The truth of Joseph’s words comes again: you thought to do harm, but God intended it for good. [Gen 50:20]

In contrast are the two midwives. Did they help Jochabed birth Moses? Hmm, I wonder. One thing is clear; they didn’t lie, but because they feared God, they chose to shrewdly respond about how quickly the Hebrew women birthed their children. Then there is Moses’ murder of the Egyptian. Fearing reprisal led him to escape to the wilderness. God uses all of these experiences to teach Moses and us about Himself because it is in the wilderness that we encounter God.

We can be fearful of men, or we can be fearful of God. One leads to snares, and one leads to blessing. Which will we choose?

Which kind of fear do I have? Which kind of fear leads me to the wilderness where I can have an encounter with God?

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