Jesus is the Righteous and True

Jesus is the Righteous and True

Rev 16-18 The Mind of Wisdom

Jesus, the Righteous and True, will finalize His judgments upon the unrepentant. It will come in a seven-wave series of harsher judgments, yet men will not repent. What does it take for a man to repent? Why should they repent? They should because He is the Holy One, He is, the one who is and was, and because it will be a just judgment for they poured out the blood of your saints and prophets. “They got what they deserved.” [Rev 16:6b] “Yes, Lord God, the All-Powerful, your judgments are true and just!” [Rev 16:7] “They would not repent and give him glory.” [Rev 16:9]

We may not know when this will occur, but the warning is sure and true: “I will come as a thief. Blessed is the one who stays alert.”

How alert am I to His coming? As 2023 arrives, am I alert to the signs of His appearance, or am I like Jesus told Martha:  “you are worried and troubled about many things.” Are those things the best things?” [Luke 10:42]

As we look forward to the New Year, may we be more like Mary and less like Martha. May we be alert to the signs of His coming, so we are prepared. 

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