Ezek 40-42, 1Cor 14:33, Num. 25:10-13, Jer. 35:1-11  What does faithfulness mean to me/to you? How is it demonstrated? What does it mean to God? A recurring theme from Genesis to Revelation is a character quality that God honors both in this life and the life beyond. God reminds Ezekiel of the faithfulness of Zadok, who struck down a faithless Israelite and a Midianite woman and stopped a plague. God promised Phinehas that his descendants would thus have an honored position in his kingdom and the kingdom to come as priests for Him. Jeremiah was told to test the Rechabites’ faithfulness regarding wine drinking. Zadok was faithful to God, and the Rechabites were faithful to their ancestor. God honors both. We are told to honor our parents so that we may live long lives. [Ex 20:12]

Faithfulness is a character quality that God desires and honors. [Ps 119:30]

Have I been faithful to my parents, ancestors, and God? God looks at these as measures of our heart.

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