Which direction will you choose

Jeremiah 6-8 Jeremiah told the people to pay attention, watch closely, and listen carefully. They were standing at the crossroads and must decide. Will they follow God’s way or the world’s way? But the people said that is just old-fashioned; we know better, we will sacrifice more. Jeremiah reminded them to take God’s warning, or He would abandon them. [Jer 6:8] Like then, today, many call the ways of our forefathers old-fashioned. Instead of being the blessed man of Psalm 1, many say we will add more programs, devise climate change plans, or even abort precious lives. But, those are ideas that never entered God’s mind, and He never commanded that! [Jer 7:31] God only asks this of us: ‘I want mercy and not sacrifice.’ [Matt 9:13]

Indeed as it happened before, it will happen again because we are slow to listen and learn.

Remember the story of Balaam? Balaam was deaf and blind to the wisdom of the donkey until the angel opened his eyes. The story illustrates that if we fail to follow God’s way, we may find ourselves in a narrow place, just like Balaam and the donkey, with nowhere to turn.

Standing at the crossroads, we need to listen to God and His word, which is given to us to teach, reprove, correct, and train us in righteousness. [2Tim 3:16] Wisdom says: “Those who forget their history are condemned to repeat it.”

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