What God has spoken, will happen.

Where do you turn in the storms of life?

Is 19-21 Listen up! The Lord has spoken!

The lands of Egypt, Philistia, Assyria, Babylon, listen: The Lord has spoken, and it will come to pass.

 To whom do you listen when the storms of life are on the horizon, when the economy is faltering, or when the gas lines are long? To whom or where do you go for relief? Will your idols offer relief? Will your false prophets offer words of wisdom? God says they will not, and you who cling to their words and their ways are fools. When you ignore God’s perfect plan, there will not be relief but only pain.

Return to me says the Lord and I will heal your land and bless you, but just as then, today they will not. People of long ago and people today are slow to heed the words of the Lord. Men say there must be a better way than God; there must be a better solution. Learn at the feet of Isaiah: there is no better way than God. There is no solution other than God. If you want to be blessed, return to Him, for He has spoken, and it will come to pass. 

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