“Be Ye Steadfast”

be steadfast

2Chron 20 The Chronicler tells us in Ch. 22 “Jehoshaphat followed his father Asa’s footsteps and was careful to do what the Lord approved.” What a tribute! What did he know that helped him stand apart from the world? He knew these things and applied them:  

He lives in heaven, he rules over all.
He knew that God has the strength and the power so that no one can stand against Him.
He knew and remembered that God had delivered in the past so he could trust God for the future.
He knew that before facing any enemy he needed to stand before God.
He knew that God hears the cry of his children and that God is a deliverer.
He knew he could request help from God even when he didn’t know what to do.

However, for all that he knew, in his later years, he aligned with the evil king Ahaziah king of Israel, and acted wickedly in so doing. The prophet told him because you allied with Ahaziah, the Lord has destroyed your works.

Paul was right: be ye steadfast immovable always abounding in the work of the Lord. [1Cor 15:58]

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