What is on your wish list?

What is on your wish list?

2Kings 1-3 The wicked king Ahab is killed in battle, and his son, just as corrupt, begins to reign.  Like Ahab, Ahaziah does not consult God when a problem arises, so God sends the prophet Elijah to ask the simple question: Is there no God in Israel that you have to call upon Baal when you are injured?  How often do we seek other avenues than God when we want an answer to our problems?  Ahaziah learns a lesson that as God validated Elijah before his father Ahab, He will do it again for his son and because he did not inquire of the true God, he would die.  Lesson to learn: God will not share His glory with another.  [Is.  48:11]

God has used the prophet, Elijah, repeatedly for the kingdom of Israel, but his destiny date is soon upon him, and it will be a ride into the heavens via the heavenly chariots of fire!  His replacement, Elisha, is asked what he would like, and he asks for a double portion of Elijah’s spiritual gift.  Have we ever asked that question? 

As Daniel eloquently wrote, God raises up and puts down leaders, but this is the only time when a man of God has been asked for his spiritual gift to be bestowed upon his protégé.  I wonder what we might ask of one who is spiritually gifted?

If you could ask for one thing what would it be?

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