The Power of a Praying Parent &

You pray and leave results to God

the Boy with the Nazarite Vow

The author of Judges reminds us that the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord in Judges 13:1. But he also reminds us that even in those evil times, God had a remnant of His believers. They were praying, believing, and obeying. This should encourage us when we see the evil in our world to keep on praying, keep on being obedient, keep on trusting God.

Samson came into this world with a promise: he will be dedicated to God from birth to death. [Judges 13:7]. And again he will “begin to deliver Israel from the power of the Philistines.” [Judges 13:5] Samson knew all of this but Samson was not a child of obedience. He was one of those children that cause great anguish to his parents because of his choices. His last was the worst as he gave himself to a prostitute who was a nagger and a mocker and would be his downfall. As we listen to this we see God’s graciousness in giving Samson time to rethink and repent as he ground the Philistine’s grain. God heard his prayer and used him to fulfill the prophecy to take down the evil Philistines.

So what is the lesson we can learn from this saga? Just because you are a faithful parent does not guarantee you a faithful child. We all must make that choice for ourselves. Samson lived a life of decadence but on his deathbed, his parent’s prayer was answered.

Don’t give up praying for your wayward child. You may not see God’s answer, but He hears your prayers.   

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