Obeying God.

God blesses obedience and fear of Him only

Exodus 1-4 A new king is on the scene, one that does not remember Joseph and all that he did to preserve Egypt and its citizens. Instead, this new king lives by the tool of the adversary; fear. He feared losing his kingdom to a group of shepherds who had multiplied exceedingly. So with the adversary’s lie in his mind, he crafts an evil plan to destroy the male babies. But, God in His way has His hand and His tools of courage to preserve his next leader, Moses. Our adversary is still at work but today it is called abortion. Do we believe God can and will use a child born from what many call an “unplanned pregnancy” or do we believe like the Pharaoh of old who was fearful of men overtaking his position and kingdom? This is no different than today’s lie; you will lose your job and your position so take the life of that child so you can rise in your profession. 

God has His way of preserving His children just as He cleverly saved Moses and many other male babies. The courage of two midwives received the blessing of God; “because they feared God” more than man. [Ex. 1:21] God gave Moses’ mother Jochebed the courage to preserve her son and refuse Pharaoh’s law to kill male babies.

Who do you fear? Man or God?

Here is the truth: “We must obey God rather than men.” [Acts 5:29]

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