Sheep need a “Good Shepherd”

Sheep in need of a shepherd

Ezekiel 34 From Genesis to Revelation, each author presents a picture of Jesus. In Psalm 23, He is “my” Shepherd; in John 10, He is the “Good” Shepherd.  Long before John wrote, Ezekiel paints the Good Shepherd picture in contrast to the self-indulgent false shepherds who did not care for the sheep. They had plundered the weak sheep, which scattered in search of food but instead became food for every wild beast. The Good Shepherd will search for His sheep, and when He finds them, He will take them to the green pastures beside the still waters. [Ps 23]

Centuries later there were false shepherds again, and God’s sheep were wandering. Jesus pronounced judgment on them and reminded them that they would have repented long ago if they had seen the same miracles that Chorazin saw. [Matt 11:21]

Even though the false shepherds refused to yield to God, the Good Shepherd would lay down his life for them one day. The Sovereign Lord knew then and knows now what is happening. He will seek out His sheep and rescue them. He will find them, bandage them, and then they will know He is the Lord. Jesus is the Good Shepherd and the Lion of Judah. His Father sees, and He will judge all sin.

Which Shepherd do you follow?

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