Are you an Interceder?

God has planned for us to intercede

Jeremiah 38 As often as we read stories like this, we get caught up in the excitement and danger of the storyline, we call it a “cliff hanger” and we wait for the savior to rescue the one in danger. Those are fiction, but this is real and we see that in the midst of danger, God always has a “man of the hour” ready to step in. God may not call us to confront a king or a president regarding the plight of another, but He may call us to serve through intercession. Ebed-Melech had the heart to serve no matter the cost. He was willing to step in and confront the vacillating cowardly king Zedekiah. Over and over through scripture, we see how God orchestrates events and places people in places to serve His chosen ones.

In Genesis, we read about Joseph being placed unjustly in prison, just like Jeremiah. There, an unlikely series of events brought Joseph face to face with Pharaoh’s servant, who had a dream that he interpreted.  The cupbearer promised to speak to Pharaoh, but it would be two more years before he remembered. Because God used the cupbearer, Joseph was released and elevated. Because Ebed-Melech was God’s servant, he was willing to be the man of the hour to step in and save Jeremiah from certain death.

Has God placed you in a position to save another? We have the gospel message to save men from sin; are we sharing it? Have you stepped up to the plate, or are you like the cupbearer who failed to remember his promise?

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