God the Master Pruner

God prunes us

Jeremiah er 27 God the Master Pruner. As a gardener, one learns sooner or later, pruning does not hurt but helps the plant. Removing the dead growth gives room for the new growth to occur, and the newest is stronger. The dead is weak and takes nourishment from the plant. Jeremiah reminds Israel that they are the vine that God chose, but it needs pruning, and He places his pruning shears in the hand of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. Jeremiah tells the people of this impending pruning, but they refuse to listen and instead want to “prune” Jeremiah by cutting him off. But, God is not only the Master Pruner, but He is the Master Protector and does just that for his prophet, Jeremiah.

Sometimes we can’t understand what God is doing, but God is in the business of pruning us so we might grow stronger. He often uses trials and challenging circumstances for that to happen.

Do we resist His pruning shears or allow their sharp cuts to take away the deadness?

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