Puzzles and Mazes

Puzzles and Mazes

Isaiah 64 to 66 If you have ever worked on a jigsaw puzzle or tried to find the path in a maze, you know that you must have patience as you search for that piece or that path. God is a master at puzzles and mazes, and He has no problem. He knows which piece fits, and the right path. Isaiah, as God’s prophet, has been faithfully piecing the puzzle pieces and the right path of the maze. Although he will never see the birth and life of the Messiah, the Holy Spirit has graciously shown him the finished product. He has faithfully written the words that the Holy Spirit has given to him. Some were harder than others, and some were praiseworthy.

In a tough time, Isaiah pours out his heart and looks for when the Lord will come to rescue them. But, God the Almighty tells Isaiah that He will not come “yet.” Their sins are like scarlet, and their so-called righteousness is as filthy rags, and their praises are not for Jehovah but for the idols they fashion. But, God had promised centuries before, and He will again: I will not abandon my children.

The patience of God is amazing. He will not leave his children even as sinful as they are; He is not slow but is patient because he does not wish any to perish but for all to come to repentance.

God is faithful and patient. Are you?

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