From Unbelief to Belief

God gives wisdom

1Kings 10-11 With Solomon on the throne, the world witnessed how God was at work in Jerusalem. God came to the new king, spoke to him, and blessed him with wealth and wisdom. The news of the new king and his blessing spread from Jerusalem to many nations until it reached the ears of the Queen of Sheba—-yet she was skeptical. She could not believe what others had said and decided to see for herself. Is that what others say when they see our lives transformed by the Holy Spirit’s work? Do they come asking us what God has done?

When the queen came, she plied Solomon with many hard questions. Because God had blessed him, he was able to answer all of her questions. End of story, the Queen was amazed; all that she had heard was true, and she returned to her own country with the wisdom of God echoing in her heart because Solomon had told her what Job knew: “the fear of the Lord—that is wisdom.” [Job 28:28]

Fast forward to the book of Acts, where we read about the day of Pentecost when the Spirit of God anointed men and women to transform their life. When others hear of our spiritual transformation, do they come like the Queen to understand what God has done? Do they walk away saying, “The report I had heard was true!” Do they leave praising God?

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