2Samuel 23 As the sun slips over the horizon, so our last words honor people who have been faithful. David first honors God, who placed him in the position of being the ruler of his people. David remembers that he didn’t rule alone, but many stood by him through thick and thin.

David’s mighty men are listed, and some exploits are noted. One was a chief of the captains.  We are not privy to how Adino the Eznite slew eight hundred men at one time, but he heads the list. Then there were the three mighty men who helped David defeat the Philistines when everyone else fled. Agee slew the Philistines in a plot of land full of lentils, and the Lord brought about a great victory. David also honors the three men who risked their lives by stealing into Bethlehem to get a pitcher of water for David. It is fitting that as he finishes his list, he notes the husband of Bathsheba, Uriah the Hittite.

Who do you honor in your “retirement?” Take time now while it is fresh in your mind to stop and bless those who had been faithful in little or faithful in much. 

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