Are you the Wheat or the Chaff?

are you wheat or chaff

Psalms 1-2, 15, 22-24, 47 The Psalms: David as most likely the author of these psalms, reflects on the godly and the ungodly character in view of how God sees them. David contrasts the godly vs. the ungodly using an illustration from farming. The godly are busy with God’s work, and while he works, he ponders the words of God. The ungodly are like the chaff that the wind drives away.

 “Chaff is the loose, outer covering on wheat and other grains that must be separated in the threshing and winnowing process of harvesting grain. In Bible times, grain was threshed, trampled, crushed, and beaten on the outdoor threshing floor to separate the inedible parts of the grain, called chaff. The lightweight chaff would blow away on the wind or sometimes was burned as fuel. In the winnowing process, the grain was then tossed into the air, allowing the wind to separate further any remaining bits of the husk from the wheat. These bits, called chaff, would be carried away in fine particles like dust.” [explanation from]

The chaff blows away or is burned—what a graphic picture of the ungodly through the eyes of the psalmist. The question then is; are you the wheat or the chaff?

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