Idols are a snare…

beware of Satan's schemes

Judges 8-9 From One Idol to Another

What is about idols that we gravitate to them? Why did Gideon tear down the Baal idol at night and then resurrect a new one that glittered in the sunlight? Unlike Gideon and the townspeople, the Thessalonians turned from idols to worship the living and true God and never looked back.  

Gideon was a hero to the nation, but he wisely refused when asked to be a king. However, he did ask for the gold earrings to melt down.  Behind that question, we learn that he wanted to make a golden ephod.  The scriptures are pretty clear that that single event became a snare. How easily Satan manipulates us to think about elevating some “thing” and not God. Gideon began righteously; “The Lord will rule over you” [Judges 8:18], but his life ended disastrously.

Gideon meant well, but in hindsight, he is much like us. We fall right into the trap that Satan lays because he knows our weaknesses. He is a master deceiver and does what he did in the Garden. He subtly puts into our minds a single thought which, when embellished, turns to sin.

This chapter ends tragically; the ephod became a snare to Gideon and his family. It was like a spider web just waiting to trap unsuspecting victims. Be on guard against Satan’s schemes.

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