God’s Shadow

God's shadow is His presence

Psalm 91 The Shadow of God

This psalm, unlike any other, shares the privilege of being one chosen for service members to carry across their hearts in times of war. It reminds us that the Almighty’s shadow covers us from head to where our toe falls. Amid a pandemic or unrest or any disturbing event, we can retreat to this psalm and know the character of God.

 God has a dwelling place, and those who choose His way will abide in His shadow, a shadow that reaches beyond life to the grave ultimately to the heavenly. In this dwelling place, we come face to face, as Moses did, with The Most High God; and His shadow. In this dwelling place, we are promised His deliverance as He covers us against the worst that Satan can produce. It is there that we never need be afraid, whether at night or daytime or when the arrow flies from the bow to the intended target.  It is there that we experience but do not see the angelic forces that have been given charge over us—our guardian angels. And all of this is His gift which comes down from heaven with no variation or shifting shadow. [James 1:17] God’s shadow is steadfast and covers the one who has chosen to love Him. In this place of safety, we can call upon God, and He will answer, be with us in trouble, and experience rescue from our arch-enemy, Satan.

He is the God of the shadow hiding us from the evil one.

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