Our UnChanging God

From Gen to Rev God is the same

Numbers 23 to 25 Sometimes when we want to win, we “move the mark” so we are closer to the finish line. Balaam is a man who constantly tried to move God to curse Israel but over and over, God placed His words in Balaam’s mouth.

The Lord put a message in Balaam’s mouth: “how can I curse one whom God has not cursed…” [Num 23:8] Three times, Balaam sought to “move the mark” of purity and righteousness so God would allow him to curse Israel but “God, is not a man, that he should lie nor a human being that he should change his mind.” [Num 23:19]

God has three ways of answering: yes, no, and wait. Never does He change His mind, for what He has chosen that shall He do. Balaam tried three times for God to change, but He never did. So when he couldn’t get the answer to receive the riches Balak had prepared to honor him, he didn’t seek God but set his face toward the wilderness. That is like us when we try to get the unchanging God to change his mind.

Beloved God is certain, and His will never changes, so why do you seek to change the unchanging God’s mind?

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