God's ways are best

Lev 25 Growing up, I often heard my grandfather say those three words as if they were written in the Holy Grail. My father was not a farmer, nor would he ever be. He was a craftsman with his hands but not in the sense of fixing tractors and sowing seed. Nevertheless, being that submissive son, he listened and purchased land. He did the right thing to lease the land to those who knew how to farm over my grandfather’s objections. The Israelites knew about land and how to care for it, and how to grow crops. Just like God gave the Sabbath for man to rest, the land needed its rest as well. Even today, farmers know that principle. He who yields to that and reaps crops that are strong but he who does not reaps little or even poor crops. It is the principle of sowing and reaping.

This entire chapter shows us God’s principle of “You shall keep the Sabbath to keep it holy.” [Ex. 20:8] God set aside the seventh day as a day of rest in which we are to do no work. The US used to have the “blue laws,” and all businesses were closed on Sunday as a day of rest. But, men do not listen, and men do not heed those principles. Instead, we now have a seven-day workweek, and men are weary. Could it be if we abided by these principles that we would find rest for our weary souls and our sowing and reaping would bear fruit abundantly? God is testing us to see if we will observe His ways and trust Him for His provision for our every need.

Are you resting on this Sabbath?

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