Out of His Abundance…

What gifts do you have to give to God?

Exodus 25-27 Beautiful to Behold

Today, you can turn on the TV and watch a home’s renovations, all with glitz and glamour. God didn’t want to renovate but build His dwelling place from the ground up with all of the beauty, gold, silver, and precious ornaments. As the master architect, God gave Moses the plans and set aside skilled men to do the work. He gifted each one with the skills and knowledge needed for each part.  He had prepared the Egyptians’ hearts to provide the people with gold and silver and other precious jewels as their wages for 400+ yrs. of slavery the night they were to leave. What has God provided for you to give to His work?

God wanted to dwell amongst a people He had called for His own. He wanted his “house” to be built and centered so that all may see and come near.  Although shiny and gold and holy inside, its outer covering protected it from the elements.  Jesus warned the Pharisees that they were hypocrites and like whitewashed tombs that look beautiful on the outside, but inside they were full of dead men’s bones. As children of God, we are beautiful to behold because of the work of Christ in our hearts.

Just as the tabernacle was beautiful so that the people could gaze at the splendor of its beauty, the redeemed of the Lord are to be beautiful because of the blessing of God upon their hearts.

God has given us abundantly out of His treasury that we may give back to the ministry. Will you give willingly for His work?

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