Left Behind

Mentoring God's way

Advent #11: Titus:

How often do we yearn for heaven? Christmas brings that focal point front and center as we yearn to be with our Lord on His birthday so we can sing in the heavenly choir. Just as Paul told Titus, the reason God has left you behind is to do the ministry work because there are churches without leaders and churches without mentors. Titus submitted to Paul’s direction in this regard. The churches were young and needed wisdom and a mentor of integrity. Titus was the man of the hour.

God has left each of us behind to be a mentor to someone in need. Imagine if Titus had not stepped into the role for which God prepared him? Imagine what happens if we refuse to step into the role God has prepared for us? Stop and think about this; what might have happened on Crete if Titus said I was too busy or not knowledgeable enough or too young or too old? Titus gave no excuses; he willingly submitted to the task Paul left to him even though he was alone. How often do we have excuses that we use not to do the work that God has clearly given to us, such as I cannot teach; I cannot witness. How often do we say that we are not prepared to do the work?

Paul encouraged Titus to step up and be the man of the hour. Will you take the challenge too?

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