“Kingdom Work”

Let God use you

1Tim 1 We live and move in the context of a mobile society. This year alone across America, we will see more families relocating than at any other time in history. Did you ever stop to consider why people pack up and move? Some are leaving states where the pandemic has exploded, and some have lost jobs to this soaring pandemic. This influx brings problems of families relocating to places unknown to them with diverse populations.

Timothy wanted to leave Ephesus, but Paul reminded him that there were still people in Ephesus who needed his teaching. The false teachers had gathered a following, yet they did not teach the pure redemptive plan that operates by faith. What they did operate on was gathering groups and then seeking remuneration for their teaching!

They wanted to be teachers of the law but didn’t understand what they were attempting to teach!

To borrow from Esther; Timothy, you are in Ephesus “for such a time as this.”  Wherever you are, may God use your skills, talents, and the true redemptive work of Christ to reach others.  May we all use this month of all months to reach out and touch the lives of those walking in darkness so they may join the family of faith.    

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