“You Are Called!”

Believers are called

1Cor 1-4 Romans gave us a theological discussion on salvation, unity, and service. Today we begin the walkthrough 1Corinthians. “This book provides a glimpse of life inside a first-century church.

Of all the churches that Paul birthed, loved, and tended, the Corinthian church had by far the most eye to eye contact and teaching than any other. He challenges them in three areas: their calling, contentions, and commitment.

The Corinthians were called of God, enriched in Jesus Christ, and did not lack any spiritual gift.  They should boast in the Lord for the work He has done. However, Paul noted that there were divisions in the church, with some leaning towards following Paul, others Apollos, and others Cephas. He reminded them they should seek unity, not divisions;  unity is key to a prosperous and functioning church.  Thirdly, Paul reminded them that they were not a stumbling block to either the Jew or the Greek seeking. Always Christ should be pre-eminent in all they do and how they live for the world is watching.

To be called is a great honor.  As God calls you, may you live as men/women of Christ; the world sees and desires His calling.  May our testimony reveal that we live and work in our churches with a unified spirit.  Lastly, may we present Christ that others may desire Him and Him alone.

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