“Gas Gauges & Faith”

What does your gauge read

Romans 1 to 4: The gas gauge in our cars registers full or empty. It is our reminder that fuel is needed for our car to work properly and we trust or have faith that those gauges are accurate. Faith is the key to being stranded or not.

In Hebrews chapter 11, Abraham is listed as a man of faith. His faith in the eternal God led him to leave his homeland and seek the land that God promised him. It was his faith that endeared him to God in some of the hardest times he would ever have to face. Over and over, he could echo these words: “Now faith is being sure of what [I] hope for, being convinced of what [I] do not see.” [Heb 11:1]  Peter adds;  we have not seen God, but we have chosen to love Him. [1Peter 1:8] We choose to love God because “his invisible attributes and his divine nature are visible through creation.” [Rom1:20] Yet…

Some say it may be for you but not for me. However, all are without excuse. We stand condemned and in need of God’s saving grace. His lovingkindness leads us to understand that we all are sinners in His sight; all need His cleansing grace. That was/is the reason God sent Jesus. That is why Paul could say, “I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is God’s power for salvation to everyone who believes.” [Rom 1:16]

How is your faith gauge today? Does it register full, or are you running on empty?

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