“Twenty-five years and Counting…”

Ezekiel is treated to God's holiness

Ezekiel 40 Ezekiel was taken into captivity at least twenty-five years ago. God would allow him and others to be taken forcefully to a city full of idols and a language they did not know because they had forsaken God’s way. Now they would serve foreigners in a land that is not theirs until the Sabbath Years’ completion. [Jer 5:15-18] Like Ezekiel, the exiles thought God wouldn’t let it happen; but it did happen, and amazingly God would use this time to restore them to be His beloved children.

On Ezekiel’s 30th birthday, God revealed himself to Ezekiel in all his holiness; and life was never the same after that. Now 25 yrs. later, once again, the Lord God told him to open his eyes, listen with his ears, and set his heart on all that He was going to show him. He transported Ezekiel via a vision to see the Temple’s restoration and to share His hope for the exiles. He did that for one reason; so the exiles would know He is the Lord and His promises are sure and irrevocable.

These are the same steps God wants us to go through as we read His Word so that we, too, might come to know Him and see His glory!

 If you were God, how would you communicate with your people what you planned for them?

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