Are You Satisfied?

Eccl 4 to 6, The Author of Ecclesiastes now wants us to know that grace and peace are not in increased possessions or wealth, because keeping up with the Jones’s is a futile thing for a person to do.  If you want grace and peace, believe God, take Him at His Word and trust Him in the plan He has designed for you.  True wisdom and seeing life from a godly perspective begins with understanding that there is an eternal purpose for every event and circumstance.

In Chapter 3, the Preacher revealed God’s eternal purpose by using the illustration of “time.”  It gave the reader a beautiful picture of God’s sovereign order. Now, in chapters 4-6, he says something has gone awry and shows us how sin has brought about chaos. The evidence is the tears of the oppressed that have no comforter. But, in God’s eternal plan He sent His Son to be our comforter!

The words of Jesus come back to us. Want to know God’s eternal purpose for your life? Hunger and Thirst for His Word, and you will be satisfied.[Matt 5]

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