God’s Glory

The heavens declare the glory of the Lord

Psalm 19 The Heavens Declare the Glory of God!

The other night God graced us with a double rainbow! What a joy to see it and to remember the promise of God to never flood the earth again. The weather and the creation of God is an amazing picture of His holiness and majesty.  Perhaps you wake up in the early dawn when only the stars are evident, for the clouds obstruct the moon. However, stop and consider; even the moon is busy illumining the clouds to give us light.  But then all of life awakes with a roar as the sun awakens and illumines the sky from east to west, north to south! The psalmist envisioned it as a bridegroom ready to meet his bride! Truly Romans 1:20 is ever before us: God’s invisible attributes – his eternal power and divine nature – are seen by what has been created, so people are without excuse.  

And yet, as David praises God for the wonder and beauty of God’s amazing creation, others will stop and worship the creation more than the Creator. That was one of the charges God made to the Israelites in exile as they came to inquire of Him. He reminded them that the idols of Egypt they so willingly put their trust in were not able to take them out of bondage, yet they closed their ears. So lovingly, He took them into the wilderness so they could see the marvel of His creation, and yet they refused to see.

Where are you this day? Are you in bondage in Egypt relying upon the wooden idols? Or are you in the wilderness viewing His creation that you may bow the knee to Him?

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