I will pray for you

1Samuel 12 “How often do we offer to pray for someone,  but then time takes over,  or duties take over, and we  ‘forget’ to pray?  We  mean  well,  our  intentions are  well-chosen, but  life happens, and  then  we  ‘forget.’ Can you relate?

Samuel told the Israelites: “As  far  as  I  am  concerned,  far  be  it  from  me  to  sin  against  the  Lord  by  ceasing  to  pray  for  you!” Do you wonder how he remembered to pray for the Israelites close to his heart? How did Paul remember to pray?  

What is the secret to remembering to pray for one another? Here are some simple ways to jog your memory bank. Keep a card file with names of those you know have specifically asked for prayer. Pray scripture over them. As you read each day, choose a verse from the passage you are reading to pray and then do it for the people in your card file. Pray that God be glorified.  Keep a page in a journal with names and prayer requests and pray that page back to God. Make a chart to remind yourself of taking one day a week to pray because we know that God hears and answers our prayers.

James wrote:  The prayer of a righteous person has great effectiveness.

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