Deut 15 and 16 remember2a

Deut 15 – 16 Focus on the Positive  in your thinking:

I am sure you have had a similar experience while reading. Your mind is taking in all of the words, and then without warning, a verse jumps off the page, and you stop. For example, in chapters 15 and 16, the word “remember” calls to mind what we are to be doing. Moses told the Israelites to remember for the rest of your lives their delivery from bondage. Remember, you were a slave but now are free. We need to do this same exercise. Remember when you were enslaved to sin, but now because of Jesus Christ, we are free. We can achieve this by reviewing all that God has thought about us and what HE has done for us.

Thinking causes us to remember:

PS 40:5 many are the wonders which thou hast done & thy thoughts ♥ toward me, there is none to compare with God, if I were to declare & speak of them they would be too numerous to count

  1. 139:17 how precious also are thy thoughts to me O God, how fast is the sum of them

Is. 55:9 thank you God your thoughts are higher than my thoughts and

Jer. 29:11 you know the plans you determined in eternity past for me!♥


Focus on the positive today, resist the devil’s plan to insert his deadly d’s into your life (discouragement, dismay, and others) Don’t give him a foothold.

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