Rules and God

exodus 21 rules2aExodus 21-24 God is a God of Order

Companies far and wide institute rules for their employers. Parents institute rules for their children. Without rules we face anarchy. It is rules and regulations that bring peace. Rules are not new, but something God instituted for a purpose. Yet as you read, it seems like it goes on ad nauseum.  We get bogged down and find ourselves asking; what is the point? The point is that God is a God of order and like any parent, organization, government or church knows, rules keep the house in working order. for God is not characterized by disorder but by peace” [1Cor 14] Peace, to be maintained, needs organizational rules and regulations.

However, with all that being said, there is one rule with no options. Men cannot be saved by works but by believing and accepting the Christ and by faith alone.

The people of Israel promised they would comply, but later we see how quickly they forgot and faced disciplinary action. Discipline is needed to restore order. Rules are rules. The entire OT and NT is a book of God’s standards lest we decide for ourselves, as Adam and Eve did, and were led astray by the evil one. God’s love is perfect; He desires that we obey and “follow the rules” so that He can bless us.

Are you struggling with the rules? Seek the face of God and His peace so He can bless you.


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