Why Tomorrow?

exodus 8 to 10 why tomorrowExodus 8 to 10 God has His ways to get our attention. Recently there have been fires, some natural and some intentional but the result is the same; the land is devastated and the animals, people, and businesses suffer. God allows some and some He purposes just as He did in Egypt.

The Israelites needed to learn obedience, submission, and trust in a God that they only had heard about but had, for 400 yrs. not seen His evidentiary hand. The Egyptian Pharaoh needed to learn that he was not God. Through these plagues, the Israelites would see how God treats His own children apart from unbelievers. God’s purpose was to show His strength and that His name might be declared in all the earth.

One thing we can learn from these plagues is that it takes only one man to alter a nation’s rise or fall. Just like in Egypt the counselors advised, after seeing the evidence, that the land and the nation were being destroyed by the finger of God. But, Pharaoh hardened his heart to the cries of the people and God.

When Moses asked Pharaoh when he should ask for the removal of the frogs he answered tomorrow. Why not today? Why tomorrow? Men’s hearts are cold and hard and yet God is merciful as He provides time after time a way for them to bow the knee to Him.  Know this, Pharaoh and others who refuse to bow the knee now will find themselves bowing the knee and confessing that God is God alone.

What does God need to do for you to submit to Him? Learn from Pharaoh.

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